• How long is the normal Safari?

    A safari length can be determined by a number of factors like; length of a vacation a guest has, Budget that one has to spend, and the type of things you want to see and do.

  • Can people with disabilities join a Safari?

    Any guest can do these safaris, we just need to know kind of disability so as to advice what to be done make the tour comfortable and meet their needs.

  • How long is the drive from one destination to the other?

    The national parks here are not too far apart, length of time from one park to the other takes between 1.5 – 3-hour drive depending on a Safari schedule. We recommend safari schedules that have flexible time to avoid rash driving for the safety of people and wildlife.

  • How many people can travel in a Safari vehicle?

    Our Safari vehicles seating capacity is 7 but we take a maximum of 6 for comfortable travelling and allowing more room in a Vehicle.

  • Can we photograph from the roof of the Safari vehicle?

    Lion standing in the serengeti on safari trip to africa

    Definitely, our safari vehicles have a pop-up roof. When the top opens it is high enough that any person of any height can comfortably stand up in a vehicle and take pictures. The benefit of the pop up roof is a shade that it provides when the sun rises.

  • Do we need to bring a camera with us on Safari?

    Joshua and K Taylor on safari trip to Africa

    Cameras are essential. Though taking it all in your soul it’s absolutely an astounding idea, but on the other hand, pictures have an advantage of serving fascinating wildlife sightings so when you share stories with friends and relatives about your safari at least you can show them something. At least camera lens that stretches to 300mm makes a great deal for wildlife safaris.

  • Do we need to bring binoculars?

    Binoculars are so important as well on a wildlife safari. Safaris are not only for big mammals but both, when it comes to Birding you cannot avoid taking a clear look with binoculars or a leopard hiding high up in an acacia tree. We recommend “10 x 42” size.

  • Can I pet an animal?

    To most of us, this would be a joke, but we do get asked this from time-to-time, wild animals are not used to contact with people, a reply to this would be not at all.

  • What is the best time to visit Tanzania for Safari?

    All year-round, we are glad to have a really blessed country. Wildlife safaris can be arranged all year round regardless of the dry or wet season. Tell us your budget and interest we will put a top-notch safari program for you, and with no doubt, you would plan a safari again in future, and opportunity again to set out a safari like no other.

  • Can we take our children on Safari?

    Honeymoon couple on safari wedding trips to Tanzania

    Please, we love children tell us their age and we will discuss with you and advise the best safari adventure that both parents and their children love. They will be able to amaze their friend with all the Swahili we will teach them.

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