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Jafrica is a safari company in Tanzania that was born out of a belief that we could do things better. And that’s what we do. By staying small and true to our roots, Jafrica delivers safaris that are personal, tailored to our customers, and above all – authentic. The fact you’ve found your way here tells us you’re looking for a safari that is different from the rest. An experience that is faithful to the culture of the region, genuine in the information it delivers, and unforgettable in the things you’ll see and do. We are confident that when you book a Jafrica safari tour, you’ll remember it for your whole lifetime.

Joshua Monah, a Maasai Elder from the Maasai Steppe in Tanzania owns and runs Jafrica safari company in Africa. Alongside his brother, Ole, he delivers safaris that are all about respecting the natural world and staying true to the culture of the people and the region. Both brothers were born and raised on the plains of Tanzania. What they know about this area can’t be learned – it’s in their blood – and that’s why Jafrica should be your first choice for a safari.

Jafrica safaris put nature in the spotlight, but always with respect to the natural order of the world. The balance between humans and animals is key, and Jafrica safari tours honour that. Whether we encounter elephants, leopards, cheetah, cape buffalo, or rhino, we understand that we are trespassers on their land and our aim is to stay low key. Having gained experience of safari tours in the larger package tour companies, Joshua saw a gap in the market for a safari company in Africa that delivered a more authentic experience of the Tanzanian National Parks and their wilderness.

When you join Jafrica safari company in Tanzania, you’ll be joining a guide that people rave about. Joshua’s knowledge, humanity, and experience can’t be matched, and the passion for the nature, heritage, and culture of his land shines through. On a Jafrica safari, you are given a window into a different way of life, and with the expert guidance of Joshua and Ole, you’ll explore Tanzania’s magnificent animal kingdom.

A safari is a once in a lifetime experience. This is your chance to experience the real Tanzania, with people who have lived here all their lives, worked the land, and farmed the animals. Trust your instincts and choose Jafrica.

Girl learnig to shoot an arrow from members of the Hudzabe Tribe on an africa safari planning tour
Eco tourisim in the Serengeti
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